• Spitting Out a Mouthful of Salt Water
  • Untitled, 2016 *EPILEPSY WARNING*
    a video essay Song is 骨架的 - Memory
  • shy
    idk who the original is by but here it is on tumblr:
  • YTP in Seven Movements *EPILEPSY WARNING*
    1. An Essay on Self Reliance 2. Baby's Afraid of BASS BOOST 3. Nightmare Sequence 4. My Date with Danica Patrick 5. Guapa 6. A Tale of Two Siblings 7. A Death in the Family my final project for my fiction video class this semester
  • yeah song is "Paris" by Thundercat
  • Halloween Weekend with Mixmastacopycat + PARTY2012 IRL CREW *EPILEPSY WARNING*
  • Painberry on vimeo: Dog video sources in order of appearance: /watch?v=M6PteoG0st4 /watch?v=B8ISzf2pryI /watch?v=QDYmu9HZx5s
  • Assorted Vertical Videos 2013 - 2016 *EPILEPSY WARNING*
  • Process of Making a Weird Glitchy Hardcore Song From Start to Finish
    a documentation of the process of Speedcore Dave and I's remix of the song "Where da Weed at?" by Rod Lee full song: SC. Dave! + on youtube: on soundcloud: watch this video on vimeo:
  • Putting an Image Through Instagram Filters and Adjustments Until it Becomes Unrecognizable
    Putting an Image Through Instagram Filters and Adjustments Until it Becomes Completely Unrecognizable, 2015
  • God is Alone in Heaven *EPILEPSY WARNING*
    video poem
  • yeah im trying to watch this but
    song is Scene From A French Zoo by Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never fractal is from here
  • Coming and Going [2 channel video]
    Coming: Left side All the footage taken on the way to my grandparent's house for Thanksgiving break condensed into two minutes Going: Right side All the footage taken on the way to back to school after Thanksgiving break condensed into two minutes
    a self portrait, about the desire to be beautiful and the fear of never attaining it
  • Wild Horses [4 Channel Video Installation]
    it took me so long to sync these all up and it's still a little off beat download:
  • replica
    the assignment for this was to create a video made from a few different shots that could tell a different story depending on how the shots are edited together made entirely from found footage from an unknown WWF documentary special i own on vhs the song contains samples from George Benson's song "What's on Your Mind"
  • Brushing my Teeth
    the spiritual successor to Spitting out a Mouthful of Salt Water
  • Structural Appropriation
    Had to put on age restriction because i didnt wanna get hit by youtube because there are girl nipples in this Assignment 1 Structural Appropriation: Distillation....reduce all original context, and allow the Architecture/object/landscape to abstract and assert itself. Apply the form of pre existing material to new or existing material. Distill a sequence into a new form with new meaning. Reduce its original form, add it to others to create a new one. How can the content, or its relationship to the camera, to the viewer, its camera movement be used? Think in terms of Rhythm and Meter, Concreteness and Particularity of your language. Focus on punctuation of language. Can you convey a feeling/ expression? Play with speed, faster/ slower, Play with framing, orientation. With repetition. With adding, moving, adjusting sound. Edit as little as possible,- obviously you will have to edit to distill something down, but focus on the distillation rather than a mashup.
  • blue week ? ? ?? *EPILEPSY WARNING*
    sources: song: video: text:
  • Endless Capitalist Hell (Cereal - Can You Smell That... )
    for my digital arts class
  • Old Yeller DVD Trailer Obscured by Four Cinnamon Rolls
  • without u Isley brothers - journey to atlantis
    song is I GOT SWAG by the Boogie Pop Phantoms
  • bird inspiration video *EPILEPSY WARNING*
    source: song is A3 by Chuck Person
  • Mega Bunneh - Can't Stop Thinking of You
    DOWNLOAD: I started this video over the summer and forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago, but it's finished now. 2 days shy of 6 months after the album itself was released. Not too shabby
  • Mega Bunneh - Too Young to be Feeling This Old