• Be Careful, I'm Alive as Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
    2018, ???????
    [Plunderphonics, IDM]
  • Every Fat Bee is my Girlfriend as Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
    2018, Reality Database
    [Glitch, Footwork, IDM]
  • Cold, But No Snow as Polygon Priestess
    2018, Value Exchange
    [Ambient, Lo-Fi]
  • Fire-Toolz - [CODENAME_BONKERS] (Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 Remix)
    2018, Suite 309
    [Electrofunk, Plunderphonics, Noise Rock]
  • Cursed Objects Split EP as Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 with Emma O'Yama
    2017, Sum Tapes
    [Glitch, Experimental Hip-Hop, Black Metal Sound Collage, Neopagan]
  • Cowrote the track (Locked) In Place with M.A.S.R. as Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
    2017, Brokecore
    [Lo-Fi, Plunderphonics, Outsider House, Sound Collage]
  • Multicolored Helium​-​Filled Nightmare Zone as Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
    2017, PARTY2012
    [Glitch, Breakcore, IDM]
  • Chemical Burn as Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 ft. Girls Rituals
    2017, N/A
    [Electroclash, Blog House, Scenecore, Digipunk]
  • Jerobeam Fenderson - Lines (Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 Remix)
    2017, Ordia Muszc
    [Glitch, IDM]
  • Toilet Abstraction Tapes as Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
    2017, Business Casual Records
    [Plunderphonics, Abstract Hip Hop, IDM]
  • End as Polygon Priestess
    2016, Elementals 95 Records
    [Vaporwave, Future Funk, Noise, Ambient]
  • Plastic Flesh & Ferrofluid Blood as Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
    2016, Bluelight Tapes
    [Plunderphonics, Glitch, IDM]
  • Cybernetic Fantasies for Untethered Minds as Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
    2016, N/A
    [Trip Hop, Plunderphonics, Glitch, Vaporwave]
  • Cowrote the track F!Aquarine Remmer with Zovi and Wesley as Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
    2016, Shelf___Label
    [Noise, Experimental, Future Pop, Intermind]
  • Song featured on PC Noise x Pedicure Records, Vol. 1 as s/wn444
    2015, PC NOISE / #PEDICURED Records
    [Noise, Glitch, Vapornoise]
  • Unreleased​/​Unfinished: 2012​-​2014 as Mega Bunneh
    2015, N/A
    [Electronic, Disco House, Vaporwave]
  • A Collection of Vaporwave Trap Rap, Sample​-​Based Funk, and Post​-​Breakup Ballads as Mega Bunneh
    2014, Business Casual
    [Vaporwave, Vaportrap]
  • Remix of Cove by DJ Scratchin' as Mega Bunneh
    2013, N/A
    [Deep Seapunk, Oldschool House]